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My name is James Lamplugh and i am a freelance concept artist and illustrator. My other interest include, Music, both writing it and composing it, Ancient History's, Writing fiction and all things related to the film and gaming industry.

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Ok, so i was about to go to bed, thought i would pop on for a quick second and to my suprise i had 6 new messages!

All of which say: 

"Your submission, "Name" submitted at "date", has been removed due to violation of terms.

Please review the art guidelines to ensure that you're following the rules and to prevent any further action being taken against other reviews you make."


So as it says i review the Art Guidlines, No photography, ok not an issue, must be the owner, ok also not an issue, If its flagged as inapropriate... ok mayby, define inapropriate?

1: It depicts a sexually suggestive image of a child,  not that, 2: It suggests you are intolerent of certain races, religions or sexualities, its not that, 3: You are bullying another user, nope dont know any other uses, 4: It mostly consists of unmodified text??? they were pictures?

So i think a resonable question could be: Why have my pictures been deletes? because i don't understand?........

No wait! can't do that! This user has banned private messages, nice!, so i don't even get to know?

One of the pictures was a painting of my dog, based of a sketch i did as the dog sat infront of the tree at christmass. 

Four of the paintings were film studies, based off of screan captured "Stills" I took from different movies I like.

Only one out of the six images wasn't a painting, it was a Desktop Background i made, of a leopard, that, yes was originally a photograph, but was heavily, heavily maniputaled into its final CG form. I mean, in the end the leopard was made up of blue and red energy and was hardly a photopraph anymore.

Either way, if your that stricked against it, i would of been happy to remove that image from the art portal, instead it just gets deleted entirely off of my profile? with no acountability? along with 5 others that are compleatly original pieces?

Some of these painting, i even have progress shots for, here at newground, showing my original sketchs and then how i PAINTED them.

Not so much as the common curtesy of a message before hand, just total un accountable moderation. My profile might be fairly new, but i've been stopping by newgrounds since i was in highschool, maybe 10, 11 years ago now, and im calling BS. 

Ok... I had my rant, it is just really anoying. Makes me regret even creating the account, since sharing my art, was kind of the sole reason i joinned.

You want to know the defenition of irony, I started drawing and later painting because of my nan, who was a masterful painter and a truly wonderful person, well irony is that it was her funeral yesterday and I had dedicated one of those paintings to her, as it reminded me of some of her own works i used to look at as a child.

Anyway thanks for reading!