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My first post

2013-10-21 04:15:50 by AXISunSoar

Well for my first post, i think i should probably introduce myself.

My name is James and i am a 22 year old creative individual, i was born and live in Australia. All i have ever wanted to do was follow my creative passions and have been working on making a career out of it for what feels like a very long time.

I write allot of fiction, both fantasy and sci fi, be it in the form of a script or a novel/short story and i also right a bit of philosophy when the mood strikes. I am a musician, composing and writing my own songs and music; and i have been playing guitar for something like 6 year now. I do allot of indie game designing and i am also hugely into every aspect of film, be it reviewing them, right down to the production of them, directing, photograph, animation, visual effects you name it.

My biggest passion and creative outlet, by far, has to be my drawing and painting, you see i am an aspiring concept artist and illustrator and i have been drawing since i could hold a pencil in my hand, painting is newer to me and is something i am really focusing on at the moment.

I get all my inspiration from my love and deep appreciation of History, mythology and of course from film and literature. I actively study history from any period and this fascination has inevitably led me into the world of medieval re-enacting, with the sword fighting and the jousting and of course the feasting.

Well there you have it, thats about all there is to tell about me... sad really, but seriously, i am happy to be a new member of this fine community and i look forward to sharing loads of fun stuff with all of you guys and gals.

My first point of business will be to do a pretty big art dump just to show you all some of the latest WIPS and studies I've done.


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