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I'm Working on a new IP - The Human Machine

2014-03-16 14:09:00 by AXISunSoar

Hey all I have started work on a new IP today and I just thought I'd tell you all a little bit about it. I do have images, but they are mostly sketch's and really quick, really ruff speed paintings, So I probably wont post any of them until I have something finished to show.

I call it "The Human Machine" or THM for short. It is basically a Sci/fi universe set in the far future, were people are managed to forestall old age and illness by systematically replacing they own body parts with bio-mechanical limbs and implants.

It is a very grim, corrupt and dark age of humanity, were the lower classes live in squaller and poverty, while the rich live very long and comparatively lush lifestyles. So extensively have people orgamented themselves that its bordering on self mutilation.

Democracy is nothing more then an illusion in this dark age, with LPH "Live people Hacking" and political corruption spreading throughout the social elite, wealth, influence and power have become the governments primary ambition.

Jobs are scarce and growing scarcer. Everything is run by machines, operated by "Drones", unconscious, Limbless, human Operators, with little to no free will or sense of self. These "Drones" or USHI "Unconscious Silent Human Intelligence" are essentially fussed into all manner of machines, their brain power eliminating all need of artificial intelligence.

In the past humanity had been enjoying a golden age, no disease, no poverty and no threat of old age and no crime. But it wasn't to last as AI had improved over the centuries, the inevitable eventually happened and the machines had risen up to fight against humanity.

We were driven to the brink of extinction, but somehow managed to overcome the sentient machines. This chaotic, crumbling semblance of humanity that exists today is a result of that almost apolitical event. 

In the current age all AI/sentient Machines are strictly outlawed, with human brains and bodies making up the necessary components within our technology today. This practice has lead to the many outlandish and obscure uses for the human form, with "humans" serving as everything from Batteries to Communication devices to Fusion reactors.

The corrupt government called "The High Command" is really just the, not so friendly, face to a entirely more sinister individual known as "The Governor" who rules mankind from the shadows with an iron fist. The "Enforcers" are his most valuable weapon when it comes to this, they are law enforcers, the police of this forsaken universe and they are more machine then man.

The Governor abuses his powers to an extreme and is able to hack into the brains of any individual who is connected to the Central Grid, being able to make them do whatever he wants. The being connected to the "CG" is essentially like having the internet inside your head, more accurately it is a collective intelligence of every individual connected to it.

Crime is rampant, in particular cyber crime, as you could imagine the ability to hack into peoples brains and therefor any computer system in the planet can be quite lucrative.

....>End Transition/

As you can imagine I have much more work to do on this IP before I can call it complete, hell I may never call it that. I have compiled loads of sketches and ideas today and will hopefully have some visuals for you all to view very soon. 

I am contemplating writing a novel, or three, set in this universe and possibly even a graphic novel, but that is a long way off. I Hope you enjoyed this and hopefully found the concept interesting.

(PS: If anyone likes this concept so much that they might want to collaborate or contribute in anyway, absolutely feel free to drop me a message anytime, I am certainly open to the idea)


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2014-03-17 02:12:38

Sounds interesting man when you get a webpage/facebook/twitter going let me know I will give ya a follow. I am also working on a indie title and its alway good to help other small guys out ya know.

AXISunSoar responds:

Thanks aba,

At the moment I don't have a Blog set up specific to it, I have just posted a bit about it here and a few other places, like concept and Deviant art.

You can find the most resent information and ruff pictures/concept etc, at my personal Blog: